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CeraShield Ceramic Coatings


10 Micron Ceramic Coating

  • Restores and seals faded paint and Gel Coat
  • Extends the life of new paint
  • 1 year warranty
  • High Gloss
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Protects against soot and exhaust emissions, harmful UV rays, salt deposit and acid rain
  • Easily removed with our specially formulated removal gel

7 Micron Ceramic Coating and Polymer Non-Ceramic Coating

  • Restores and seals faded paint and Gel Coat
  • Extends the life of new paint
  • High Gloss
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Protects against soot and exhaust emissions, harmful UV rays, salt and acid rain

Glass and Metal Coating

  • Super hydrophobic protection for glass and stainless Steel
  • Protects against salt, calcium C marks, acid rain, oxidation and pitting
  • Easy Cleaning

CeraShield has become the only certified ceramic coating company in our industry.

Welcome to CERASHIELD Ceramic Coatings for Yachts

CeraShield based in Palma de Mallorca, are highly experienced applicators of this advanced technology; we are fully mobile and can undertake projects globally. We have applied ceramic coatings to over 150 Superyachts and our application teams, project management and senior management remains the most experienced in this field.

Benefits of choosing CeraShield

  • A 1/3 of the cost of repainting.
  • No scaffolding or tenting required.
  • Reduced down time.
  • Can be applied to the vessel in the water or on the hard standing.
  • Coating easily removed.


Restores and Seals

High Gloss

Extends the Life


Easy Cleaning Coatings

Saves Time and Money


CeraShield have Worldwide mobile teams. CeraShield can undertake works wherever the vessel maybe.

63m works undertaken in Livorno, Italy

Gloss of the hull, successfully restored and sealed with CeraShield 7 Micron ceramic coating, in Livorno, Italy for a 63m Motor Yacht. Providing a long lasting, transparent, easy to clean & maintain, coating.

62m Motor Yacht, Mallorca

This 62m Motor Yacht has just returned to Mallorca, for their annual check-up. With the ongoing maintenance plan, we ensure our clients yacht continues to shine and paint work is protected, with a budget that suits them. We continue to monitor the gloss readings for all areas, and recommend protection renewal, where necessary, with the removal & reapplication of CeraShield 10 micron coating.

85m Sail Yacht, Oceanco, Vitters

I will be using the same company and product again after our new paint application and highly recommend them for any project looking for a product to protect and extend the life of the paint, whether it is for the entire boat, just problem areas, on old or new paint." Captain 85m Oceanco, Vitters

85m works undertaken in Auckland, New Zealand

Old coating removed, gloss restored and sealed using a 10 micron ceramic coating. 4 weeks to undertake the works.

S.Y. 143m works undertaken in La Ciotat, France

Exhaust staining removed, gloss restored and sealed using a 10 micron ceramic coating. 2 weeks to undertake the works.

M.Y. 125m works undertaken in Germany

Hull and Superstructure – Gloss restored and sealed using a 2.5 micron ceramic coating. 3 weeks to undertake the works.

What Our Clients Say

Cerashield’s service, communication, project management and end results truly stand out in this competitive industry. I have worked with Cerashield on 2 different yachts and they have taken flat paint, seriously lacking in gloss and given it a new lease of life, comparable to a new paint job. Under demanding time constraints and ever changing plans they made it happen. I would highly recommend them and not hesitate to work with them again. –

Owain Jones, - Captain M/Y Snow 5 –

We have been working with Claire and the CeraShield team for the past few years. Time and time again they have proved to be one of the most professional and dedicated companies I have ever used and cannot recommend them enough. –

Adam Bateman - SY Unfurled –

We recommend the 7-micron ceramic coating version from CeraShield. This application has been extensively field tested and inspected by our company, including measurable data with excellent results. Application and subsequent removal of the ceramic coating and the influence this has on the integrity of the paint film prior to refinishing is non existent. We would not hesitate to recommend CeraShield and are available to any Client who might have any questions or concerns on its applications and intended use.

P.A. Bergsma BAS MP BBM Owner/Director - – Coating Survey & Inspections S.L. –

This document serves to confirm that we have used CeraShield Ceramic Coatings for Yachts. Not only is the product fantastic, it's the best I have come across to date. The company is very easy and professional to work with. The team were friendly, professional and completed what they set out to do in the given time frames. I can highly recommend them. –

S.Y. Aquijo, - 86m Superyacht –

The CeraShield ceramic coating system has extended the life of our original paintwork now into the 9th year and key in keeping up the gloss finish. CeraShield have provided a great service and are always quick to organise the logistics required to undertake the works anywhere throughout the world. We have had a really good experience working with CeraShield and would not hesitate to recommend the company and its products. –

Captain 85m - Superyacht –

Dear CeraShield, Thank you and your team for making her shine again. All the surfaces look like new paint. We will tell everyone. –

Captain - 63m Superyacht –

The ceramic coating system came in at a third of the cost of repainting thus freeing up the budget for the other works on the vessel. No small print, no broken promises, quality application and management. Now I have experienced ceramic coatings I will not paint again in my career. Big statement, but its been backed up. CeraShield have been outstanding to work with. –

Captain Jason Chambers, - M.Y. Ramble on Rose –

We previously had an issue with exhaust smoke stains that caused considerable extra work during a very busy season. The product did everything that was promised of it and we are delighted with the continuing results. I'm more than happy to recommend CeraShield, not just because it's a great product but as well their professionalism during application and their after sales service. –

Captain Dean Homan, - M.Y. Kanaloa –

We decided to use CeraShield's ceramic treatment as the gel coat had started to go very matt and was heavily oxidized in areas. I was very happy with the finish, the boat looks glossy and new, the deck crew are also very happy with how easy it is to maintain, no more aggressive cleaning products. The soot around the exhausts just wipes away. –

– Captain Fruto A. Silveira, - M.Y. SIA, 34m


125m Hull and Superstructure

125m Vessel, 7 year old paint. Gloss restored and sealed.

Before After

143m Hull and Superstructure

143m vessel, 5 year old paint, gloss restored and sealed.

Before After

New 5 Year Protection Plan & Guaranteed Gloss