This week our founder and Managing Director Claire, and Greg, our Production Manager, were invited by Mike Schwarz & Hilary Excell, from the Marine Surveying Academy to attend the pilot of their brand new “Yacht Coatings Technical Insight” pilot course at International Paints in Southampton.

This invitation arose through the increasing collaboration between CeraShield and IIMS, on updating the technical content of the surveyor’s guidelines for the assessment and inspection of ceramic coatings. As demand for ceramic coatings has increased dramatically in recent years, the paint inspectors and paint applicators have found themselves a little behind the curve due to the relatively sudden introduction of this new technology in yacht coatings projects. CeraShield are helping to fill this knowledge gap, following our extensive R and D into the development of ceramic coatings, their application and, when required, removal.

The Yacht Coatings Technical Insight course objective is to educate and inform those involved in a yacht coatings project, including owners’ representatives, yacht technical managers, yacht surveyors, project managers, yacht captains and senior deck crew.

Yacht coatings projects are increasingly high value, and in recent years have become increasingly contentious and litigious, a situation which often impacts negatively upon all stakeholders in the project.

It is intended that those attending this course come away with sufficient knowledge of the planning and execution of a paint project, that costly disagreements are resolved more easily, and that commonly occurring issues are better understood and avoided.

We would like to both say a big thank you to the International Institute of Marine Surveying – IIMS for having us onboard this week and we look forward to seeing this exciting new course being implemented in the industry.