ISO standards are internationally agreed upon by experts and CeraShield is proud to share with you, that we have our ISO certifications. CeraShield are the only certified ceramic coating company in our industry.

Each step of our procedures, from quotations through to aftersales meets quality and control management standards, guaranteeing our clients the highest levels of service. All steps are reported and accessible by our clients, to ensure the satisfaction of our work processes and warranty.

We have improved our procedures and trained the team to follow up with our clients with a customer satisfaction questionnaire to ensure our QMS (Quality management system) is fulfilled.

At CeraShield we are committed to protecting the environment by preventing or mitigating adverse environmental impacts, following processes and procedures for responsible recycling, and avoiding chemical contamination.

Our experienced and highly skilled team are central to our company. We ensure our team are trained regularly for their health and safety, ensuring their security to comply with yacht and shipyard rules and regulations. Every member of our team works with PPE equipment and is comprehensively covered under the company’s liability insurance.

For more information, please get in touch with our team at [email protected] or feel free to call +34 653 465 901